3D Movies & Visual Effects

Having team members who have mastered the theories of human psychology who marry technology with human behaviour in order to paint visually stunning pictures means one of our specialities is to give life to astonishing masterpieces through 3D animations and VFX. We have a dedicated studio of warlocks to weave spells through 3D movies and visual effects..

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes
Art is knowing which ones to keep

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Motion Graphics & Advance Simulations

Using the quintessential collaboration of technology and creativity to revolutionise the world with our own hand creativity, we use motion graphics and advanced simulation renderings to engineer the most dazzling creations of digital art.

Company Intro

We’re Arimac, Sri Lanka’s leading end-to-end Digital Solutions & Innovations Agency. We will transform your ideas into reality and help you reach the unreachable. Learn more (A link to “about us” section)


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