We're Arimac

Sri Lanka’s leading end to end
digital innovative & interactive agency

We believe that everything is connected. And that means as an IT & Digital Solutions agency we have to think and operate in an entirely new way. So new that we don’t even call ourselves an IT Agency anymore. We call ourselves The Digital Solutions & Innovations Agency.

What we do

We transform your ideas into reality. Our team of creative wizards and technophiles comes together to brainstorm your ideas into innovative masterpieces. What matters to us most is to provide you the platform to avoid the inevitability of succumbing to obsolete concepts through embracing and further innovating the latest movements of design and development.

How we do it

We are a family built on the same foundation. What matters to us most is collaboration - collaboration of people, technology and innovation to revolutionise the world with our creativity. Our foundation is built upon:

At Arimac
we believe

in helping you reach the
unreachable through
expanding your horizon.

We live in an era of rapid globalisation; there’s never been a more exciting time to be in the digital space, with the advancements in technology meaning infinitepossibilities. But against this backdrop of increasing complexity, what is craved above all is the provision of the most advanced innovation delivered through simplicity. (Read More)

Simplicity in the delivery process – from implementation, to engineering through to delivery of projects. Simplicity in seeing the bigger picture of where and how technology can be used effectively and efficiently. Simplicity in taking data and turning it into a competitive advantage.

At Arimac, we take on the complexity off our clients’ shoulders by providing a seamless and tranquil service.


Our Services

As The Digital Solutions & Innovations Agency, not only do we know how to put content to work, we also use specialist skills and tools to provide the maximum effectiveness for our client’s requirements. (Read More)

Each of our specialisms are geared towards making our clients’ lives easier and more efficient for their brands, whether it is to identify new opportunities, to leverage technologies in order to transform their organisations or to remove obsolete dead ends.

And while each of our specialists are masters of their own specialisms, they are also collaborative thinkers, able to see the bigger picture and how their expertise adds value across the rest of the team.

We are


We have studied and therefore identified the importance of customer behaviour and interaction through data modelling and analysing. We have merged the codes of IoT into our design approaches to heighten our spectrum of technology expertise.

Paving the roads of brain drain in Sri Lanka, we have created a tremendous, engaging and an immersive platform. We are boutique yet innovative.


We have grasped the latest design approaches and development strategies to generate outstanding web and mobile applications along with the integration of Telco APIs and continuous integration.


We have understood gamification techniques submerged with Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), advanced image processing and heuristic artificial intelligence algorithms along with subjective games and interactive application development.


We incorporate the theories of human-computer interaction and ergonomics to plan and compose common user interface designs and user experience methodologies.


We have mastered the theories of human psychology in order to paint conspicuous visually stunning picturesque concepts in human eyes. Starting from pencil sketches to 3D animation, VFX, advanced rendering and imaginative concept designs, we are adequate in giving lives to generous ideas.

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