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Good wishes from Team Arimac

What we are currently doing as a social service is highlighted below. We believe everyone can come together in doing his or her part in these times. In this regard, Arimac can facilitate the following for corporates and individuals alike, for absolutely

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Contact Tracing App

Taking proactive measures is the most vital component in our conquest to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus. Therefore, the engineers of Arimac together with the Presidential Task Force established to combat COVID–19 developed “Together WeCan”. “Together WeCan” app is designed to identify both the proximity and the duration of the encounters with nearby users via the use of Bluetooth Beacon Tracking.

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Web Solutions

Our talented team has worked tirelessly with the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka, along with the Health Promotion Bureau (HPB) to revamp their official website and create a portal where individuals can get verified and accurate data, symptoms of COVID-19, hotlines for emergencies, prevention methods and FAQs on COVID-19.

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Open APIs

Arimac identified the lack of a verified data source on the COVID-19 situation in Sri Lanka and by collaborating with HPB, we created an open API with accurate LIVE data for any entity to extract accurate data; now used as Sri-Lanka's main source of information, regarding the pandemic.

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COVID-19 Dashboard

Arimac has created a sophisticated dashboard in order to monitor the COVID-19 situation in the country. This dashboard comes with a number of features which allows the users to get live updates and analyze the situation.

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Viber Community Groups

We have collaborated with Viber to create a public forum/community group to generate awareness on key safety measures and providing verified data on the situation of the virus, in partnership with the Health Promotion Bureau; Sri Lanka.

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Video image

Animations and Posters

The creative wizards at the studio division of Arimac came up with creative concepts to ensure that COVID-19 awareness was an interactive learning process. As a result, informative animations and posters, which are fun filled and informative, have been created.


By utilizing Facebook, we have designed engaging games to attract the right target audience to spread awareness. Arimac, is also currently creating an awareness-based game on COVID-19 for WHO, which will be made available through the social media channels of WHO. The best way to raise awareness and keep individuals engaged while in self-quarantine: Click to access IMI Games.

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CDR Based Tracking

Our company fashioned a portal to retrieve data on infected and potential infections through LBS (Location Based Services and CDR data). A mobile number (MSISDN) will be used to fetch past tracking information of the infected user data, with Telco CDR data being used to map the travel timeline of the infected.

Viber BOT

Our team fabricated the Viber Bot; using Viber's REST APIs, where the BOT is able to provide automatic live updates on COIVD-19 via Viber. This Viber Bot can be easily integrated with any messaging applications such as Viber and WhatsApp, and has a dedicated back-end for developers to continuously update data.

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The health and safety of every individual in the world is of utmost importance to our company, therefore we request each individual to remain cautious and patient during these unprecedented times.