Arimac Web and Mobile

    Emirates | A Dynamic Crew and Roster Management App that Took a Leading Airline’s Crew to New Heights

    Designed to connect one of the world’s most elite airline crews, this prototype mobile application was developed by Arimac for leading aviation giant – Emirates. The app serves as a central point of communications for the airline’s thousands of crew members, and provides them with an easy way to manage their rosters, stay-up-to-date on schedule changes, share their updates with one another and stay informed on the latest staff developments. Streamlining laborious operational and communication functions, the app features multiple UI designs, user journeys and allows for live content updates.

    Key Features :

    • -Facilitates comprehensive roster management operation
    • -Real time notifications on schedule changes, delays and weather patterns
    • -Shows crew members their next flying destination
    • -Provides easy access to crew profiles
    • -Crew check-in facility
    • -Facilitates easier inter-communications between crew members
    • -Flexible way to stay connected and informed.

    For inquiries: | +94 117 812 812